The Barking Dogs Forum Overview

The Forum as a Tool for Interactive Communications

The Barking Dogs Forum operates in an interactive format created by, which will allow any number of people to all read and feed into the same page.

Using the LiveJournal system, all the participants interested in a given topic can speak their piece and/or leave messages for each other.

The Forum will also allow you to share information and exchange advice with victims of barking abuse from around the world. Better yet, it will provide you with a means of meeting and staying in touch with other people in your city or your immediate neighborhood, who are also looking for solutions to intractable barking problems.

Finally, the forum will provide you space in which you can tell the story of your own barking dog ordeal, using a format that will allow you to update your account from time to time in order to keep the other readers informed as events unfold.

How to Use the Forum to Document Your Own Personal Barking Dog Ordeal, and Why You Should Take the Time to Do It

How to Post an Entry on the Forum

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